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    Not a lot of time recently to have fun with Sculptris (which sucks now that it's Halloween time again). Made a few others, but I never saved out the images for them. Here's the few that I did so far.

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    Your skill at creating character blows me away as always Spork. Damn they are good
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    and another YES from me
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    Thanks guys. Bit of a late reply, but now that I've found this thread again, I thought I might update it with some new crap (and yes, I'll be heading to Verve shortly as well).

    To start with, I began an alien of some kind. Even started posing him. Then I forgot about him and never finished all the clothing, etc.

    Then I had some fun with scales. Not too intricate, but still took a few sittings.

    And a quick sketch while I was between calls today.

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    A couple of sketches that I sent to paint.

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    Got a couple of quick sketches again.

    Started with a mole like creature.

    Then I was just seeing a slightly different kind of alien while I was on my last call. Didn't come close to the original version, but I colored him in anyways.

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    Some quick sketches again

    Sketch that I colored in earlier.

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    Another alien. Been spending what little free time I've got on a different sort of project in Sculptris. Certainly not what it's strengths are geared towards, but we'll see how it comes out eventually.

    Slow day today.

    And another one.

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    Needed a bit of a break, so something new for tonight.

    That last guy needed a girlfriend.

    Got some Sculptris time in again.

    Slow day.

    Well, maybe I'll finish it and color it in tomorrow or the next day.

    Good enough for now.

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    Would be fun to add in some hair at some point.

    Not sure when the last time that I updated Blender was, but I just updated to 2.79 earlier. Using that previous file I started testing out that Principled BSDF node. Doubled my render time, but I still kind of like what it does.

    I wanted to see how it looked using roughly the same settings as that previous one for a simple looking human like skin. So I pulled out that previous caricature head. Can see the SSS a bit more with this one.

    Another sketch with color.

    Another one.

    Another slow day so far.

    One more quick one because, hey why not.

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    Started on something new. Needed a skull to start with. Not too detailed, but at the size it will be, it shouldn't matter too much.

    I had it on YouTube for some background noise yesterday. When I looked up it was showing a walking spine with a skull. Seemed interesting, but I wanted a bit more out of it, so I figured I'd start on my own. Mostly done with the upper portion. Just kind of adding things in as I go.

    More or less finished. Kind of figuring out some of the settings for that node.

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    A couple of simple ones tonight.

    I started thinking about something fairly easy, then I wanted to do something a bit more sci-fi after as I was half way through...lol. There's a lot more I could do with it, but we'll see if I ever get back to it.

    Experiment 626.1B
    It kind of started to look like Stitch as I was getting towards the legs, so I just went with it. Didn't finish the feet, but I also didn't do the hands on the last guy, so it's a wash...lol.

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    Shrunken head, minus the hair.

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    I started a simple head base again and thought I'd do a few quick sketches from it. But, I kind of liked how this first one was coming out so I figured I'd color him in and do a quick render.

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