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    Hi there.

    This little guy really would love zbrush.
    Even though I am still wondering how to produce as smooth nice fluent forms as one can do it in Sculptris easily, doing detail is so much easier in zBrush.
    Or do you really think so many people here at zbrushcentral are that much better sculptor than you?
    This crazy program is doing those details "almost" by it's own. If you find the function, stroke setting, brush bla bla bla.
    In sculptris you will loose performance pretty soon I am afraid.

    All the best to the most productive sculptris sculptor

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    Not sure who would like ZBrush more, him or me.

    Actually yeah, I do think that they are that much better...lol. It does take a lot of attention to detail to add in all of the details that they do, whether with brushes, or just plain sculpting. I just need to spend a bit more time on later sculpts with trying to achieve similar results with Sculptris.

    I get a lot of inspiration everytime I look in the ZBrush gallery. I always see a few things that I'm missing with details. Then again, that's partially my fault for trying to push a VW Bug to try and match a Ferrari. It can be done, just takes a lot of time. I still think they need to add higher resolution maps to really make bump and texture maps get some high definition detail in them. Otherwise, you are going to have to add in all the detail to the sculpt itself which means it will be extremely difficult to get it into paint (at least without that whole retopology stuff that I still need to get down better).

    So far I haven't lost any performance with Sculptris, but I'm also using a fairly new laptop so I can hit a pretty decent tri count with these sculpts. I also haven't hit the limit to where it starts slowing down like that last computer.

    As for productive, I just have a bit too much free time sometimes...lol. Thanks though.

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    Default re--

    That's where Retopo comes in !! If you Retopo using an external program, you can then split your model and paint it piece by piece, and each piece can have it's own 2048 map. If you hide the seams, say where clothing starts and stops and just be careful in the areas you can't. I've also mentioned before, while you can't paint external-symmetry UV's, You can split that model in half and just paint the half !!! ..... This can save a lot of Map space! When I do this the model I paint is never the model I use the texture on. I usually end up with several versions of the same thing, and I'll name them -paint, -UV, etc .... until I get to -final ...... It's surprising to me that so many people have such great imagination when working in Sculptris, and yet have no imagination when it comes to using it along with other programs.

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    @Justadeletedguy That's pretty much what I've been doing is breaking them apart into multiple pieces and painting separately. That still doesn't give as much detail as I was hoping. Retopology is what I had mentioned in that last one, but that in itself is not going to change the amount of pixels in a texture map. 2048 is a decent amount, but I'm looking for more now. I'm not doing this for animation or for games. I'm having fun making things in sculptris simply because it is fun to do. I just want to take that fun to another level of detail.

    Been pretty busy lately, so I haven't opened Sculptris recently. Had a little spare time, so I thought I'd try to do a sketch in PS to then sculpt. It was just going to be a sketch, but I started having fun with it and added some color while trying to keep it cartoony. Put some quick shading in to give it enough volume for me to kind of know where I wanted things. It's not done, or all that good, but I'll probably finish off a few things with it before opening up Sculptris to sculpt it out.

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    Been a while since I got to use Sculptris, so I forgot about that last drawing. But, now that I needed a break and opened it up, this bit of a fun sculpt still kind of turned out similar anyway. The back is a bit too plain, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it just yet.

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    Great peice, I seem to have a lot of trouble with making full body sculptures..... getting the arms and legs right.
    I love the hands though a very nice sculpt

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    Thanks Rudeapple. Sorry for the late response, been a bit busy lately. I think that's a part of why I work with creatures a lot. It doesn't have to conform to any specific anatomically correct formula. You can make mistakes while still learning and having as much fun as you want. Combined with a google image search for some decent reference and you can get quite a bit done. I think that I'm starting to get a few parts of the anatomy down, but I've still got quite a ways to learn it all. Looking back through the pages here, and the original forum, I can see quite a difference from where I first started. It may take a lot of practice to get to where I want, but I give a lot of credit to Sculptris. I don't think I would have even made it this far without either such a simple yet powerful program or an unlimited amount of clay. At least this is a bit less messy.... Damn, that sounded like an infomercial, but it's kind of hard not to like Sculptris even after this much time with it.

    Something new to start on now. Not going to be all that recognizable for now. Especially since I haven't even started on the head yet (which is where I usually start), but it's also going to be a personal interpretation as well.

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    Found some time to add in most of the face and got a bit of work done on the hands. Haven't made a set of closed hands before, so that might take a bit for me to get it right. Still some tweaking all around the body to be done as well.

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    Had a few minutes to work on that last one, but not enough for an update. Started something a bit new when I opened it up earlier. I couldn't even remember how to do hair with blender, so I thought I'd make a quick head sculpt to refresh my memory a bit. Could still use a lot more to it (including eyebrows...lol). I included the original head from out of sculptris before I took it to paint.

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    Got a few other things to get done, but I tried to do a different fawn from the last one with a bit more of the animal in there. I've still got to redo that mustache. Way too few segments to start with. Haven't imported the eyes or the horns yet either.

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    Have you managed to learn something more about retopology with Blender or still looks all Cantonese for you? I'd be great you could get advantage from it and I'd like to explain how I do it but I can't find a way to tell it simply. I've learnt it from many many sources, got a bit from each and now it's something natural for me but I can't explain the process in a few lines. I'll try, anyway

    It looks like you can use Blender at least a bit so basically, in Edit mode the magnet tool snaps every vertex point from a mesh to another surface (make the magnet icon active and select face as Snap Element and Closest as Target)


    A key select/deselect all
    Ctrl+LMB creates a vertex point (VP) snapped right to the closest surfaces
    RMB for VP, edge or face select, same as mesh selection in Object mode
    Ctrl+Shift it's a shortcut for element choose (more practical than dragging the mouse to the tiny icons in the menu bars all the time)
    F key, very important, creates edges between two VP, a face between three or four VP or two edges
    X key deletes selected
    Ctrl+N, normals alignment
    Alt+M, merges two or more VP together
    C key, free selection tool (great for picking lots of elements at once)
    B key, rectangle selection tool

    • some useful modificators: Mirror (with clipping enabled), Multires OR Subdivision surface, Shrinkwrap
    • think in quad polygons and triangles (especially quads)
    • keep it simple, don't bother creating small polygons, you can subdivide later if you need more polys, the suggested modif. come very handy here
    • everything meant to be expressive (f.e. faces and hands) will probably need more polygons than other parts of the model

    There's more to explain but I don't want to confuse you so I'll keep it here by now.

    About the hair particles, go to particle mode and increase the Path Steps up to 4 or 5. In edit mode, There are sections for both displaying and rendering inside the Hair menu so you can choose how good you want them to look. It's not the same as adding more segments which is more performance demanding, Path steps just make the fixed segments look better/smoother.

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    Thanks Serek, I'm certain I'll be coming back to that post before long. I haven't spent any time yet with the retopology inside Blender. I've watched a few videos on it, but I haven't actually started on any of my own models yet. Some of those shortcuts should come in handy already though.

    I know a bit about the hair system in Blender, but I'm also doing the rendering in Cycles. It means a bit less control over the final output, but I enjoy the ease of use with it. Using hair with Cycles, I need more path steps because each of those hairs has to be turned into a mesh before they can be seen with Cycles.

    Spent a few minutes adding in the eyes and horns to this one finally.

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    Couple more head sketches.

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    Made a couple sculpts yesterday that I'd like to continue with. The first one I'm attempting to make the top half of Bigfoot since I still need a lot more practice trying to put hair in. For the second one, I had seen an image of the grunts from the new Halo game and it looked like something fun to try out. It's kind of loosely based off of that image with a few changes here and there. I'd like to add in the armor separately, especially since it just doesn't look like a grunt without it.

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    A few changes with that bigfoot kind of guy. I liked how a lot of the texture came out with him and I certainly got a lot of practice with the hair, but it just wasn't turning out right so I trashed that one. Just got a chance to get back to this one though. Doing a bit of tweaking, guess work, changes to the original since the only pic I had was from the front. I've got the majority of the body in for now. I'll save a lot of tris on that back once I get the armor in. Not really sure why I even added in the little shell thing in the back since it will likely never be seen again...lol.

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