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    Well, I saw something in some random corner of a not so rounded mind. It certainly didn't exactly resemble this, but since I didn't create a 2d representation of it beforehand, this is what came out. While what I originally saw was a lot more caricaturish (is there a way to spell a non word?), though I've certainly got a considerable amount to add to it (and yes, I know that it has neither a mass appeal nor a specific focus), maybe the end result will at least end up a bit more coherent than where it currently appears.

    What's even worse is that I've spent a couple of sittings on this model...lol. Yet I am still going to finish it. Just because.

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    Guess I waited too long to edit that previous post. But, it was a bit of a slow day today. Thought I'd open this one back up to add in a few more details.

    Got a chance to finish this one for the most part. Didn't feel like making guns, so I threw in some bananas.

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    Surfing the internet a few days ago, I saw a competition for cgi stuff. Not going to enter, but it still looked like fun. The subject was "Pirate". So I thought it would be fun to make a random background pirate's head. Still working on it, but I finished up most of the sculpting. Added in some hair with Blender as well. Now I've got to go back into Sculptris to add in some sort of tattoos and dirt to try and give him more of a pirate look. Here he is without hair and once I finally got the hair in. I've still got to play around with Blender hair to get a better look, but it works for now.

    Added in a few details to the texture. Guess I'll call him done for now.

    Slow day, couple of quick sculpts.

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    Saw the ZBrush top row version and I thought it would be fun to do a kind of caricaturish piece. Got most of the way done and was looking up his pipe when I saw other versions of Popeye that were done quite similar, but better...lol. Either way, here's my little update.

    You know, I did forget one thing that I do have to edit into here. I know that it's quite unlikely that most will ever look here for any kind of news about Sculptris, but I did come across something that I find "newsworthy" about it that I thought I'd share for those who care (or not).

    Last month, and I remember the day quite clearly (or at least the date on the posting since I saw it roughly about less than a week after it was posted ), I was looking up just the word Sculptris on google (and setting the tools to within the last month). Not something I do regularly, but once I saw that there was a library nearby that had scheduled a class on it, I check it out every few months or so (and if that library in the Denver area ever schedules another, please let me know...lol). But, more to the point, I saw a post from ZBrush themselves. So I clicked on it. This is where the disappointment settles in.

    In this post from ZBrush Help (or something like that), it stated that Sculptris would no longer be developed and would only be considered a legacy program (so you are aware, the post was from Oct. 18, I've searched and can't find it anywhere now. If anyone else has a better way to get to that posting please let me know). Quite honestly, if my son had not been around when I first read it, I would have had a drink right there (likely a considerable amount more). As you see, I've got 50+ pages of Sculptris doodles (not counting the other thread, or the numerous pages from the original website when I first discovered 3d sculpting through Sculptris (before Pixo bought him out)). While that doesn't make me special in any way, I just tend to have a personal investment into an idea that I saw so much growth potential in only to watch be left to ______ on the vine.

    Now, it could suck as much to hear about this as it did when I first read it, or you could look at it from the opposite perspective and wonder why that posting was pulled (or at least I can't find it anywhere, though I really didn't spend much time going through all possibilities to find it). Is it as bad as what was originally seen (strangely only by me by some weird coincidence), did someone just happen to realize that it would look too bad with the optics and pulled that post (but the intention is already set in stone), was it some random new guy in the marketing department that has something against this small program (and something could possibly still be intended eventually), could it be that some small incremental update is currently planned (considering how useful it is in the hobbyist/newby community), etc. I could literally come up with about a thousand possibilities within those goalposts.

    Nothing really matters (Insert Queen lyrics being sung...lol) in this one, but it's just something to ponder over a nice glass of Cabernet.

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    I remember seeing that post too, or reading something to that effect somewhere. So you're not imagining things. It is true.

    My question, however, is, why not seriously consider ZBrush. Sculptris, in all it's glory, after nearly ten years, from what I hear, has been fully implemented in ZBrush, under the name Sculptris Pro. Seeing this is, in fact, what made me finally bite the bullet and buy ZBrush 2018.

    I have many regrets for not getting into ZBrush a long time ago, but at the same time, I don't think I could have possibly enjoyed it, as much as I do, without Sculptris Pro being in there. Nothing is missing, and more can be done with it. Sculptris is not dead. Not even close.

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    Glad that I wasn't the only one to see it. Doesn't really matter in the over all scheme of things, but I was still disappointed...lol.

    And yes, I do agree that I need to just get ZBrush finally. Though at this point it will likely be a bit more than just getting the program. I'm going to need a decent computer to run it. This laptop is a good few years old, and I got it used for a bit more than $100. I'm amazed it's been running Sculptris as well as it has...lol.

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    Really needed another Sculptris break.

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    Hey Spork. I want to say this and I want Pixologic to see it. You were keeping Sculptris alive and I hope you will continue to do so. I went to Mudbox even though I adore zbrush.

    I went because of the abysmal way that zbrush has treated this product-Pixologic just took it out of the wild where it could have been developed maybe as open source like blender and not be a competitive burden and was used as a sales tool. I am watching this happen to Mischief too and it saddens me.

    These programs are demonstrations of the kind of service and support you can expect from the larger products in the long haul. Any competent sales team should understand that principle. However, if they won't invest SOMETHING into sculptris why should I invest in ZBrush?

    Just sayin' what needs to be said.

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    As cathartic as it is to say it, I'm not so sure that they will read it here. Even if they did, it's been said so many times by so many people on so many occasions and levels, that I think they will likely just shrug it off and continue on as they have for roughly the last decade. Which is crazy to think that the original Sculptris still holds up as well as it has for this long with zero willingness to push it any further (and yet they pulled the higher resolution textures that it was capable of with the previous iteration).

    Well, here's a few more fun ones from the last couple of days.

    Few more.

    And a couple quick ones tonight without textures.

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    Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this mouse guy when I made it to this point, so I just kind of left him as is.

    Just wanted to do something kind of basic last night. While you can't see them too well, I wouldn't suggest trying to add in eye lashes within Sculptris...lol. I know that I've said it before, but I do wish that they had a secondary action to the program after Paint that allowed some basic realtime hair using the same methods that they use for games. Just some simple planes combined with 2 levels of a tiled png (the main strand or strands, and the ends). The main center tile could be duplicated as you pull out the strand and it creates the needed amount of new polys. Not as amazing as ZBrush hair, but just something to play around with for simple people like me.

    Couple of new ones.

    One for tonight

    Slow day.

    One more for tonight.

    When zombies start taking selfies. Would have required too much more modeling to start texturing, so I left him as is for now.

    Goofy vampire

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    Looks like I reached my edit limit again for the previous post. Been a bit busy, but here's a couple of new ones again.

    Started on something with a bit more to it. Wanted to try posing something and this is what came out. Not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing with him yet, but it should be fun. Didn't want to do too much detail yet since I was considering some kind of clothes/armor of some kind.

    I think I've got a rough idea of where I want him. Still a few things to add before starting with the clothing/armor.

    Not a whole lot of time, but I did add in the helmet and some sort of defensive/offensive arm armor.

    Got in some time to add in the armor for the legs after no power for a couple days (I still love it out here...lol).

    And some armor for the body

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    Didn't come out great, but it's done for now.

    And a couple more heads I was having fun with.

    Couple more quick ones.

    One for today.

    Quick dino like thing.

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