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    Default Hello from the past / Where are you tomas & taron


    i´m joining this community to give tribut to tomas, one of the best programmers i ever saw until today. Since i joined the beta program of sculptris months ago, i never had so much fun with a 3D application before.

    I never expected what happened in the last days. Dr. Petter, i hope you´re out there, reading this board. Congratulations!
    Btw, where´s Taron?

    For all others:

    Here are some early works i done with Sculptris. =)


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    Taron used to be pretty active here. Not sure if he still is..welcome here!

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    Hello Nichod,

    thank you =)

    I think this board is going to be a great base for future Sculptris/Zbrush cooperation.


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    Welcome Tobias!

    Nice stuff!

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    Thank you infiniview,

    in personal, i really hope to have more time for sculptris in the future.


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    Default Relaxing...

    Well, I've been relaxing on forums with less general tension, no toprow and even recognition for everyone, sitting on a lowprofile design where I didn't have to squint my eyes to read what I'm writing or dig around for custom skins to make it feel less like a military installation and the general feeling that it's not an elaborate free advertising setup, but a true, unbiased artist exchange terrain with plenty of fun and happy access to beginners and pros alike. Kind of like the neighborhood forums instead of the McBuyme Meathall. ...sorry, I just woke up and am having fun with some honest emotions. I just like it a little more intimate and with a different sence of control, so to say. I can tell you, in such happy environments, quality of work is not so important and people just get to share their fun with each other without being bombarded with other images around the thread they currently looking at. You can teach each other and not get reminded of how humble the stuff in the thread is compared to the masterpieces that stare down at it from above.

    But, life's what you make it and I'm a tough cookie. I feel more comfortable on the original Sculptris forum and its simplicity, but I'll have a look at here, too.

    Some of the excellent artists over there came from the ArtRage forum and have such a wonderful spirit. This spirit does find an echo on the original Sculptris one, but I would understand if they got intimidated by this one here. Somehow this still happens to me, too.

    I'm a lazy artist, making my experiments that are mostly just scribbles from 5 minutes to an hour max. With all the intense work that is being presented here, stuff like my fun doodles just clutter the place, or at least it feels like that to me. And maybe I can't fight my own little shwineehoond <LOL> that feels challenged by the often somehow soulless masterpieces that linger in my field of vision, even when I just write a reply.
    Nothing here says: Good Morning, Dude, Ha, and what a day this will be... whatcha got today?!
    Everything here says: hold please. U R Nr.3011543202. Access granted. Prepare to be assimilated.

    Anyway...I'm just having fun, guys. Get your salt and throw it all over everything I've said up there, but it's not really me lying. It's my ruthless heart speaking of my weakness to overlook things that do affect me.

    Heck, you've kinda asked for it and I just write too much.

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    I hear you loud and clear Taron! Sounds like my kind of place...
    No one ever expected a pencil to draw for them.



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    You, Sir, have my sympathy.

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    Hey taron,

    its good to see you here.

    Your feelings are well said. (even if i understand only the half of them *english<>german problem*)


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    Hi All,
    everyone from the old forum moved here,
    so I also moved here

    New home, new family ..
    hopefully I can learn a lot here

    congratulations for sculptris & pixologic

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    I hear what you are saying Taron, and agree to a large degree.

    I'm curious to find out what the future will bring for Tomas, Sculptris and us who learned to love the tool in what feels like such a short time.

    I've been thinking about what has happended, and quite frankly I think Sculptris couldn't have found a better new home (all things considered). Tomas clearly stated (before he went on a lenghty vacation) that he wasn't expecting himself to be working on sculptris for a while other than bugfixing and maintenance. So, I'm my mind we haven't really lost anything, but actually gained the possibility of new development for Sculptris - even if Sculptris might go commercial along the way.

    Posting here is intimidating, I know (16 posts in 6 years, lol) but generally people are keen on sharing their knowhow - so the potential to learn the tricks of the trade, is quite abit higher here I would say. If you are willing, that is...

    I'm all for making this new playground a nice place to be. Trying to hold on to the old forum because of various reasons, won't do much good in the long run. This is Sculptris' new home after all.


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