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    Default Sculptris is good for quick modeling.

    It is great not to think of the geometry and optimize for re-topology later, It is also great to paint high res detail as texture. No wonder it attracted Pixolator!

    Best for anyone who never though they can do 3D sculpture.


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    Sculpt and optimize later and the detail is retained, smart reduce.

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    Plus you can always get in close and use the reduce brush to wipe away smaller areas that are too dense.
    Don't forget to use the 0 key to fix the mesh each time you do this, or small errors can creep in.

    The Q key is particularly handy, to toggle the addition of detail on & off when your mesh is already dense enough.

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    Sculpt in high res and optimize later, this method is fun and practical and the model can be used for realtime or raytrace rendering.

    A great tool to compliment Zbrush especially for 3D beginners! I love it! Trex-Opimized2.jpg

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