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    Thanks for creating this tool! It has the potential to really help me with a project.

    But I'm running into what I think is a problem. I drop the GoMax.mzp into the MAX window, click on the settings because I also want to import textures (the Zbrush Tool has a PolyPaint texture). I check "Diffuse Map". Then hit the import from Zbrush to MAX button.

    Then all I get is a constantly cycling "Awaiting Zbrush Export to finish" dialog at the bottom of my MAX screen. It seems to cycle indefinitely. I see no changes anywhere in either the MAX screen or the Zbrush screen.

    It's important that I get the Polypaint texture for this project, and I tried GoZ, and though it gave me great piece of geometry in MAX, I did not get any textures with it.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Default 3dsmax 2014 or 15 support?

    Hi Norman,

    This sounds like a great script! I am having sooo many problems with scale between max and zb4r6. Do you have any plans to update GoMax to support 3dsmax 2014 or 2015?


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    Default Link is not working

    please fix this i really want this tool. thanks
    or if you feel easy to send me on email.

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