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    Default Demons, Monsters, Creatures and Stuff

    Hey guys!

    Finally decided to start my own thread, after years of browsing on ZBC. I love Zbrush, but still have a lot to learn, hope you guys can help me with that

    here's a test rendering, composed in Photoshop of a demon WIP I am working on right now. Let me know what you think

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    nice lighting bro
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    ...keep zzzbrushingzzz...

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    Default the Cave Worm

    Thanks ZawYeMyint appreciate it

    Here's another WIP I'm working on... no details sculpted yet. Just the overall idea.

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    Small update on the Cave worm

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    a 2 hour sketch I made this evening, used the long bust base mesh, don't know who uploaded it originally

    C&C very welcome

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    Default Nice work, my dude!

    I'm digging your style!
    (I've been away from this site for a year or more. I'm back Zbrushing now, because I finally got my Wacom Cintiq. I didn't like my Intuos, because I couldn't get used to coordinating my hand and eye separately. What a STEEP learning curve this is! Anyways, I'm back practicing, folks. Wish me luck!)

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    thanx man

    Another Bust WIP

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    Very nice! How was the smoke created ?

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    yes ! good and how is composed a demon please

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    thanx guys!

    glad you like it

    the smoke is created in Photoshop with smoke brushes I downloaded from the internet, very simple. Just google smoke brushes and you'll find tons of them.

    How the demon is composed is pretty hard to describe :/ lots of try and error about 20 BPR render passes with different materials stacked in photoshop with different blendmodes. Total Chaos. here are two Photoshop screengrabs

    and that's more or less the base I start with. without all the different materials blended in, just the normal render passes Shadow, SSS, AO, Render, depth

    hard to make a tutorial with such a intuitive workflow, sorry :/

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    hey guys.

    here are two different, more funny versions of the fat guy with the hat just for fun and an old sculpt I'm going to refine a bit. hope you like it

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    Default update cave worm

    here's a little update on the cave worm and some views of the torso. Takes me like forever to put all those tiny details in him.

    hope you like it C&C very welcome

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    small update on the Titan. next step leg details and texturing.

    Don't know if the anatomy isn't totally off. will post some shots frm different angles soon. Let me know what you think C&C very welcome

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