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    Default Nubians Journey.really need your help.

    Sup guys managed to play around with zbrush today for a shortwhile.

    I need to buy some more ram before I can get its true benefits,but heres a "work in progress"

    to be honest I probably won't go further with this (unless you want me too),cos I just made this from a sphere,i'll do a basemesh in maya and make a new one (bust)

    glad to be part of this community.Still learning.

    (inspired by buffy vampires)

    first sculpt btw.

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    Default Tarzan

    Hey dudes,heres in-progress of a tarzan bust inspired by glen keanes design ----> http://yourdisneymovie.com/images/tarzan.jpg

    I'm working with the overall silhouette right now,and only thing i've really tried to detail is the nose and ears.

    Still allot to go,I plan to use this head for animation eventually,so i'm gunna have to retopo it,and add a body base to it in maya ,or possibly just start the whole thing again with a base mesh in maya.I want to do a full body based on tarzan model sheets anyway.

    I haven't got a clue how to begin his hair (dreads) maya? subtools (dunno how to use subtools)

    Please feel free to crit,will be much appreciated!

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    I tried to change the brow so that it was closer to the disney design,but either 1.Its one of those things that won't transfer well to 3d or 2.I'm ****.

    Probably a bit of both.Not sure i'm handling the hair,right now i'm getting spheres and reshaping them with the move/transpose.

    I got a few questions though.

    some polys in areas of the face are stretched,is there a way of fixing this without having to retop the whole thing?.

    and the smooth brush isn't doing great for me,even if I go back to a reduced subdiv level,any suggestions of how to get a nice smooth look..like say..this guys work ---> http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=086680

    Feedback + suggestions appreciated.


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    to fix polygons you can remesh all and transfer details then smooth out the result.

    I believe in that person's work he is using the polish brushes with the smooth brushes.
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    silly me,I didn't realise there was more than one polish brush,thanks for that!

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    Heres an update,I think I was trying to make everything just like the 2d drawn version.so had to take some artistic license and make it work for 3d...heres an update...your feedback is much appreciated.

    I'm using zphere skins for the locs.I personally think the old one looks like ass now.


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    seeing good progress. I'd recommend studying real male shoulder/neck anatomy to tighten up the neck/shoulders area. Will you retopo this eventually?

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    good point i haven't touched the neck since the base mesh.

    I'm gunna retop yeh....but I want to do a body...using this same head...is there a way to merge this with a body in zbrush? I originally planned to just to a bust,but I want to do a full figure...

    heres some neck work..I didn't mess with the clavicle that much,which is why its thick as hell..
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    wow looking awesome so far! maybe add more hair strands though

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    haha the hair is a place-holder,as i'm still not sure how i'm gunna handle it when I come to retopping it for animation.

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    Hey Nubian-Anubis, your Tarzan is coming along nicely, I would suggest adding eyelids, even if they are very thin, it will help to tie the eyeballs in with the rest of the face.

    I look forward to seeing more

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