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    Thanks very much I'll post something in the near future

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    Default there is no stereo option in zbrush :(

    Quick way to preview yer Zbrush model would be to just export to Maya ( and choose anaglyph ) Would be nice if I could just use my 3dvision glasses . perhaps someday a dX panel will support as much ( active stereo option for geforce or just support by nvidia for open gl ) Quadro requirement is kind of off-putting. ( wouldn't native 3d support in game development be best served with hardware that represents the end user's experience? )

    I like the feeling of immediacy with volumes you get from sculpting in real time with 3D. Till I tried I never realized how much I relied on intuition where in 3d space what is obvious allows you to effortlessly "know" instead of "guess".

    The more exaggerated the convergence ( that toyified macro look ) practically puts yer sculpting in your hands.
    I feel bad for those who get especially sick when the plane is breached.

    Even though 3dvision might never be possible with zbrush. Is there anyway to accomplish anaglyph in real time from within ZBrush yet?

    My search only turned up this link.

    ( "jeez louise" been coming here forever and never realized I have not posted till now! 1rst post! )
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