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    Default Anatomeh! (WIP)

    Just thought I'd make a new thread for anatomy study.I created a base-mesh based on scott spencers,he talks about his base model being "very simple" but I think its too much,i'm not a fan of how his final figure turned out (just personal taste),so i'm just adding my own flare here and there.Probably do an even simpler base mesh for future studies.

    Still in progress.it goes base mesh - basic forms - adding mass,i've only been doing the chest up to now,so everything else it pretty blah.Probably went a little mad with the mandible there.

    feedback appreciated.


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    I bought Scott's Book a month ago and find it very helpful and well thought out.

    Your work is coming along nicely. Keep it going.

    Note: Try using the ZSpheres base mesh on Scott's DVD.
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    thankyou marc,I'll definatly try zspheres when I do my next study.

    oh yeh,theres no doubt that scotts material is informative i've previously watched some ryan kingslien stuff and zack petroc,and just the overall teaching styles and aesthetics are different.

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    Scott Spencer's book "Character Creation (Advanced Digital Sculpting) is awesome. I learned a lot from it, and one thing I have to say is take your time and don't rush your sculpting. I like your progress, coming a long very nice.

    on a side note creating a base mesh may seem simple, but depending on the way it's modeled you will get different result while sculpting, at least for me it has. I found that starting out with zspheres gave me a better result than modeling something out of maya/3Dmax to import intro zbrush.

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    Love your antomy studies they are really good.I don't know how long you have been scuplting the human figure but you seem to have a really good understanding of the human form.Brilliant!

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