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Creating a Real-Time NPR (Non-Photorealistic Render) Material
Take an in depth look into creating a realtime NPR Material. Dive into custom editing of the Material Palette, Document Palette, Render Palette, and the Light Palette to create a material and renders of your liking!
Creating a Real-Time...Go In Depth with Folders & Folder Actions
Take an in depth look at how ZBrush's Folder system works, organize to your needs and discover Folder Actions!
Go In Depth with...ZRemesher 3.0 - DetectEdges
Let's familiarize ourselves a little better with ZRemesher's DetectEdges functionality. In this Lesson example, we'll take a gear model that has a triangulated mesh with no PolyGroups or no mesh ID, but has edges to help utilize the DetectEdges function. Once DetectEdges is activated, we can convert our mesh to quad based geometry, create PolyGroups, and most importantly retain our clean or hard edges. This function can assist with future mesh editing including Dividing and sculpting or features that utilize PolyGroups.
ZRemesher 3.0 -...Using the Universal Camera to Composite in Photoshop
In this Lesson, let's discover how to lock our camera in place across multiple applications using ZBrush's Universal Camera, create multiple render passes, and create a final composite inside of Photoshop.
Using the Universal...BPR Filters: Blueprints - Part 5
Part 5 - Blueprints Settings
BPR Filters:...Creating a Scene with Snapshot3D - Part 1
Part 1 is an introduction to building this scene, discussing and demonstrating how Snapshot3D works inside of SpotLight. We'll review importing, selecting, and loading alphas to SpotLight.
Creating a Scene with...
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Ron Harris:Hi again mate,yeah I looked a saw you requested some scripts to get into the new look of things.Wish I could offer some help but Im in your boat hence my questions .Budda with Glasses sounds funny,I hope to see some work by you again.Yeah Im well happy about the book,gives a boost which was def req due to my constant wall hitting.I hope to make things look better as a get on with this and one day feel happy. Anyways good to hear from you after soo long!If I can help specifically with anything your welcome to shout me at . Cant guarentee I can but will def try! ... Heres the next stage of my creature.I tried to work the fur more with Disco Stu's advice..(Thanks mate).Also threw in an expression..Next step subtool wisps and texture. Thanks cal zbt.jpg SMd.jpg





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zbt.jpg Hello, This was going to be a yeti but it looks more like a caveman /chewy from starwars.So far about 3 hours work including making the base. Im trying to make the hair look better and am currently using the clay/standard and layer brush .If anyone has any pointers /links to how to make hair better than this I'd appreciate any help. Thanks for passing thru, cal. ABOMIN.jpg

  • Disco Stu
    Nice start. The best way i find to sculpt hairs is to lay down larger strands in lower resolutions first going over under other strands and then laying down hairlike strokes on top of those on the higher subd´s